Title of the story

My love for a shoe is shown through hours of internet searching



How long have you known the brand?

10 years

What is your favorite model?

Recyclus Ella

What do you like most about El Naturalista?


Tell us your story with the brand

I bought my first pair of El Naturalista’s almost 10 years ago. I had just moved to Canada and a small independent shoe shop carried a few styles. I picked the recyclus Ella wedge shoe as I loved the fact that it was made from recycled material, was leather and was gorgeously styled with a wedge heel and multi-coloured green stripes. Over the years I have had many comments on the shoe, and ended up being somewhat of a brand ambassador, talking people’s ears off about what good quality and how comfortable the shoe was. The shoes are my favourite pair and the one pair I always take with me when travelling as I know I can walk all day in them. After 10 years of abuse (I wear them in the snow snow sometimes too) they are nearing the end of their life. There is a small hole in the insole that has almost worn through to the outside. Knowing this, I have been searching website after website to find a new or used pair in any colour in my size for the past couple of years, even going so far as to search commerce sites in foreign languages which I don’t speak, but translate through online tools. A couple of times I have come close to finding a pair but alas I’ve never found one in my size. I was searching again today and my heart skipped a beat, as it looks like this style is being made again! I found some on the El Naturalista site (in lovely shades of purple) but alas not (yet?) in my size. https://www.elnaturalista.com/en/natu-e928-grain-black-humo-arona-recyclus-ella.html I can only hope that you are testing how well it sells and that if it goes well, will expand to larger sizes (please make a 41 for this tall girl) and other countries (Canada please). I’ll be first in line to buy a pair. Until then, I’ll keep scouring the web for any new one for sale.