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12 years

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I´m Kaja from Estonia, the tiniEST and smartEST country up North Europe. Do you think it´s possible to fall in love and remain in this condition for years? I´m a living proof of that! My first El Naturalistas – red Mary Janes will celebrate 12 years this summer and these ladies are still going strong. Small scratches on them are like wrinkles on my face – just a part of life, nothing to be afraid of. I truly admire my first ones! All that we´ve been through together – unlimited walks in the park with my daughters when they were babies, mountain hikes with my husband in Austria and Italy, a bit of travelling in cities and rough terrains on countryside! Nothing better than one can take long walks having really comfy shoes! I´m looking forward adventures next summer! Cool design, colors and comfort all in one – could one ask for more? Not to forget about super quality that makes them last forever! After I discovered El Naturalista shoes the next pairs started to find their way to me. All nine pairs are in use! I do care for my footwear with the same passion as I choose them and all my beauties smile back and look good for years. Good old school shoe care I learned from my grandfather who never put his shoes back to the shelf without cleaning and polishing them. For me the process is like a meditation that makes me happy. Let me tell you some more stories of my favourites! Dark purple Solar boots I found in Oslo while working on a travel fair. After some intense working days we had a wonderful concert ahead, time to relax and shine! My lilac hemp dress needed a good company and these fancy boots did their best. Living far north means more cold than warm days. And cold gets you through … feet! That´s the reason I love Yggdrasil family – their solid thick outer sole saves me from cold catching my feet. The Chelsea type of boots are always a must in my footwear collection and the green ones from El Naturalista are perfect for many walks from September to April. Snowy days in Winter I change them for even more solid Yggdrasil family member – the long red boots! They keep me warm and feed the need for attention – very often I notice curious glances on my boots. Once a lady came to ask where did I get such a beauties? I am always happy to tell about El Naturalista and lead to homepage. Luckily we also have Summer here in Estonia. Not too much of Sun and warmth, so a national joke tells: “Yes we had Summer this year, but I didn´t notice it as I was working this day!” Okay, the situation is not that bad, I was brave enough to order me a pair of sandals! My life style is quite green, so I found Torcal green sandals perfect! Love their asymmetric cut! Brilliant in days when we are loved by the Sun. Recycling, sustainability and less consumption are my values (okay, footwear is an exception, desire comes before the need) and I often buy my cloth in second hand shops. Incredible what a treasures one finds there! Once I noticed grey El Naturlista booties and I couldn´t leave them there! Think if somebody would pick them without giving enough love and care! Now they are cute vintage friends on my long walks with our dog. One couldn´t be more happy than me in a grey day of November last year – I won the El Naturalista game on Facebook! While reading the announcement I was just a big smile! Really? Is it true? A pair of Winter boots after my choice? Lichen heels ankle boots are super elegant! I felt like Christmas came so early this year! I´d finish with a secret I share with my El Naturalista shoes and boots – the outer sole – most of them have a story from the wide World! I do admire all these creative people giving so much joy! Thank you! Caminar por la vida con El Naturalista!