We all know that a great many companies from developed countries produce the majority of their products in underdeveloped countries. In many cases this means exploitation and inequality. Out of almost 75 million people working in the textile industry, approximately 80% are women working in bad conditions in exchange for a very low wage.

Fashion Revolution, which is a global movement for a more sustainable textile industry, came about in 2013 to make known the stories behind the people who make clothes. It believes in and fights to radically change the way clothes are obtained so they are made safely, cleanly and fairly.

To achieve responsible sustainable fashion it must first be transparent.

To do so, the constant aim is to unify all the distributors, customers and companies which share this philosophy to achieve precisely that, i.e. transparency.


Fashion Revolution Week event from 22th to 28th April, coincides with the date the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, that is, 24th April 2013, killing around 1130 people, most of whom worked in textile factories.

This week centres on the campaign #whomademyclothes?, designed to encourage consumers to ask brands and retailers about the people who make the clothes they wear, and to demand greater transparency in their production processes. At the same time, we the companies undertake to answer all the questions with words and pictures.

We will show you part of our production processes and show the faces of all those real people who make El Naturalista possible.


Our brand is based on 3 pillars: product, planet, and people. Taking care of people is top priority for us, therefore, we wish to be transparent. We will show you the stories which make up our company day to day.

We are working so all our processes will be sustainable and not harm our workers’ health. To this end, we make all our products on our own premises, always choosing high quality raw materials and fostering manufacturing processes which combine attention to detail and innovation.

Furthermore, we look after the working environment, whereby our production centres develop initiatives to improve our sustainability.

  • 93% electricity savings by replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED.
  • Green energy consumption.
  • Reuse of fluvial waters for production.
  • Efficient waste management.
  • Efficient energy use: lighting control thanks to sensors, programming and making use of sunlight. Change to low consumption lighting. Ventilated façade and 21ºC acclimatization.
  • Development of greenhouse effect gas reduction initiatives: environment ISO.
  • Rationalization of water use thanks to replacement of lawn with shredded rubber flooring on our premises.
  • Origin of raw materials and products: the material is audited and our technicians visit the suppliers, who are required to meet European regulations and comply with REACH.

At El Naturalista we undertake to respect and foster Human Rights. So to uphold the principles governing our commitment to Corporate Responsibility we are sharing our Code of Conduct, which affects all activities involving people, and followed in our manufacturing workshops, logistics, offices and distribution.

Come and take part in this project! Find out who’s making your clothes.

Upload a photo of our shoes or products from other brands, label the brand in question and ask about product origin with the hashtag #whomademyclothes?