Isn’t nature gorgeous in Fall? Brown and burgundy hues flood the parks, while the mountains turn white offering us incomparable settings. It’s time to enjoy mountain hikes, resting in front of the flickering light of the hearth and traveling to incredible places.

Happiness is in day-to-day things, in the little details. Our world is a permanent miracle which we should enjoy and look after. Lines, colors, textures, and smells, anything goes to live in harmony and feel things differently, and we want to accompany you walking through life.

Fall/winter 17 collection is made up of colors, textures and shapes that’ll transport you to hidden cities and landscapes. We never want to stop surprising you.



Nectar inspiraciones

Another collection where El Naturalista’s designs are inspired by nature. Every line, every model has elements which’ll transport you to different parts of the world.



myt yggdrasil inspiración

Nordic mythology tells that Yggdrasil is the tree of the world where all humans and magical beings live. Fountains full of knowledge, destiny and time flow from its roots. Yggdrasil has always been a source of inspiration and life for El Naturalista, a permanent feature in all the collections. This new line is born from its roots stepping out strongly in its anatomical wedges that remind us of tree bark. The Myth Yggdrasil line is complete comfortable and innovative with its shoes, ankle boots and boots.




Since Greek mythology, nectar has always been the drink of gods and served by heroes is a soft reddish color. As mortals always mixed it with water when they were going to drink and share it at gatherings and parties. With this new line El Naturalista wishes to share the essence of this Greek myth. Those moments you share with those who are most important for you, are how Nectar came about. An elegant high-heeled line made from Capretto leather, comes in a varied range of warm colors, furthermore each shoe model is chrome-free.



turtle inspiración

After coupling, female turtles return to the same beach where they were hatched to birth their hatchlings, without even considering how to get there, they just simply go there. This is why turtles inspire El Naturalista because to find happiness the only thing you have to do is Walk through Life. And it was this search for happiness that led to the new men’s line Turtle, whose tread means comfort together with anatomic innovative youthful style. The line has models which incorporate OnTex (impermeable membrane) technology and chrome-free leather.


ontex impermeable

Here at El Naturalista we work on design innovation daily, and undoubtedly the OnTex membrane is one of the great advances, thanks to which you can enjoy cold wet days without a concern in the world.

Our waterproof membrane provides the best climatic comfort possible up to medium height. This membrane is impermeable and breathable, extremely resistant, fine and flexible.

  • 100% impermeable
  • Extremely breathable
  • Windbreaker
  • 100% recyclable
  • Heat control
  • Very elastic
  • Maximum comfort
  • Washable
  • Ecological


nueva temporada W18 sin cromo

Yet again models made with sustainable chrome-free environment friendly leather have made a comeback.

Chrome-free and manufactured in Spain pursuant to quality standards (EU and REACH). This leather facilitates adaptability to foot shape without deforming thereby increasing the comfort sensation.

Another characteristic of this leather is its tanning process, which makes it unique and is reflected in the wide variety and irregularity of its grain. Moreover, its natural looking color with its diverse finishing in its tonality that makes it special.

A collection is only ever complete when all the new models backup the brand classics like: El Viajero, Rice Field, Yggdrasil, etc, to return for yet another winter with new designs and colors.



Equipo el Naturalista Team