We’re sure that at least once in lifetime you’ve spouted the legendary cliché “That wouldn’t happen to me”. And we’re also sure that at least one in a lifetime you’ve had to apologize by way of it was “may fault” and admit you’ve made a mistake. Plus, however, much you travel there are situations that usually happen where you’re forced to admit you’ve put your foot in it yet find yourself hopelessly drawn to as if they were a magnet.

1. OMG! My passport’s expired!

At some time or another all we travelers have felt our passport was infinite, yet on the eve of a trip we’ve found ourselves looking for and hurrying to the nearest passport office which’ll issue us with an emergency passport. That really hasn’t happened to you! Ever?

2. What do you mean my flight departed on the 15th? Impossible, but today’s the 16th!

You arrive at the airport and look as if you’ve been caught on candid camera when you find out the flight you were going to take in a few hours, exists, but yours left yesterday

3. “Jumping over stepping stones”

How many times have you bought a flight with 1, 2, 3 or even 4 stopovers just to save a few euros? Fess up! I’m sure it wasn’t just once and that later you’ve kicked yourself when you find yourself at the airport for 8 hours without knowing what to do, whereas if you’d spent 10 euros more you’d already be enjoying the beaches in Thailand.

4. Haul around a 100-liter backpack for a 1-week trip

We’ve all been green travelers at some time and made the mistake of thinking we need 3 changes of clothing a day. Once we’ve notched up several trips it’s become blatantly obvious 3 changes can last a month. I mean let’s face it the rest of the world has washing machines too, don’t they?

5. Pack so many “just in case” it looks like the Apocalypse is coming…

In case it rains, in case it’s sunny, in case it breaks, in case I’ve got a party, in case I’ve got to go to the beach, in case I’ve got to get hitched… So, the next time any “just in case” comes to mind, take notice of us, there are shops everywhere in the world and very good ones.

 6. Moment of panic when our backpack isn’t the first to appear on the baggage collection conveyor

It makes no odds whether we’ve flown in a 300-passenger plane, if our backpack isn’t the first on the baggage conveyor, we immediately get flustered thinking it’s got loss within the enormity of any airport.

 7. That magic moment when your Mom says for the umpteenth time watch your baggage

Who hasn’t heard their Mom/Dad/various relatives say “Don’t lose sight of your backpack. Because so-and-so in xxxxx almost had xxxxx slipped into it, and you should’ve seen the ruckus !”.

8. “Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world”

It won’t be the first or the last time we pack an impossible pair of shoes in our backpack to show off during the trip. Get real and wear the right kind of footwear, yet divine at the same time, like those by El Naturalista and no doubt you’ll take over the world and be fashionable at the same time.


9. Obsess about trips even to the point of insanity

Cushions with world map patterns, diaries with travel phrases, mugs with names of cities, bracelets with plane-shaped decorations, globes on all the little tables in your apartment, vinyl wall stickers with a world map in the living-room, etc. Do you need to buy anything else?

 10. So, shall we head to the airport now? What?! I haven’t got my bag packed!

Experience is said to be a degree and much more in this instance. We’ve all believed ourselves capable of packing a backpack for 1 month in 5 minutes flat at some time. But best of all, is that in the end, we can!

11. Thinking about getting hitched solely and exclusively for more vacation days

Yeah! We know it’s not exactly politically correct, but I bet my bottom dollar the thought’s crossed your mind sometimes.

12. Think about traveling without medical insurance, even for just a moment

Probably everyone without exception has thought they were superheroes at some time and that they’d never get sick on a trip. So if we are, why spend money on travel insurance?

We hope this is nothing more than a thought. We should NEVER EVER travel without insurance, a simple stomachache thousands of kilometers from home can turn into our worst nightmare.

13. Go crazy when you realize there’s no WiFi

It doesn’t matter if we haven’t got a mattress on the bed, it doesn’t matter if breakfast isn’t included in the price, sharing a bathroom doesn’t matter, but, Hey! Are you really trying to tell me there’s no WiFi?

14. Not checking the accommodation reception opening & closing times

Normal people usually check-in at normal hours, but occasionally just to save a few euros, some travelers will take the strangest flights with the worst timetables in the world. Not to mention taking a cab to arrive on time would be a sin and public transport (even stranger), is our best pal. Arriving at ungodly hours and finding reception closed is not unusual. You know what we’re talking about right?

15. Stomachache? Me? Never

Should you eat on that corner stall where cleanliness is clearly lacking? Well you eat. We’re sure it never crossed your mind for one minute the possible stomachache you might end up with… until you had it and you cursed the stall owner’s family for generations.

16. Haggle, haggle and when you’ve finished haggling, haggle again

And almost without realizing you join in the dynamics. You don’t know how but for some unknown reason you end up haggling over 10 cents for bottle of water for an hour!

17. Try paying with a currency different from that of the country you’re in

Let’s face it, in the end, all that saving coins in your purses from each country you’ve visited takes its toll. I mean, couldn’t they create a universal currency once and for all?

18. End up in the most tourist restaurant in the city

And it’s not as if you didn’t know. I mean you’re very sure that if you want to something tasty that won’t break the bank then you have to move out of the tourist areas, but you’re distracted for a second and without realizing it, Pow, you find yourself in the most central terrace of the city, paying 40 euros through the nose for a set daily menu.

19. Stand your ground and end up spending a night at the airport

We’ve all gone through the stage where we’ve put money before comfort and the idea of spending a night at the airport, albeit stretched out on the floor, usually has greater appeal when compared to an overnight stay at a hotel.

20. Buy the typical souvenir you’d never have thought you’d even be able to look at

Truth of the matter is when we’re on vacation we’re capable of buying any souvenir which flies us back to being a tourist. Let’s see who’s brave enough to tell my giant Big Ben doesn’t look cute on the living-room shelf.


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