I enjoy fall more and more every year, nature is in all its splendor, the forests stained red, yellow, orange… marvelous! And what can you tell me about the beaches? At last they’re clean and empty, so it’s the perfect time to for long strolls along the seashore. During fall the air turns cool and pure, and… do you think there’s a prettier light than on those frosted daybreaks, where the sun comes out at midday and even warms you enough ‘til you take off your jacket? Undoubtedly they’re days to be enjoyed and spent in the open air in the heart of nature. Plus, winter will be here in a few days when we’ll have time to stay at home, make plans to watch a film snuggled up on the sofa, so until then… let’s go!

The ideal plan for a fall day that kids and adults’ll enjoy is a trip to the mountain or forest if the kids still can’t walk very far, with picnic included. Fresh air, nature and exercise make us all feel well! And the children knocked for six… nap on the return drive and deep sleep guaranteed for the night. Sounds great?

planes con los más peques

We love going to a nearby forest, which is gorgeous in fall covered in a cloak of dry leaves. We put on our El Naturalista boots, and the leaf fight is on! Jump, roll, and dive as if it were a pool of leaves… the kids are wide-eyed and having a great time.

If you’re going for a walk and move among the fallen leaves it’s very important to wear right footwear. A pair of comfortable boots for any terrain which don’t slip and you don’t get your feet wet, since heaps of apparently dry leaves are usually wet underneath and maybe even mud on the path. I put my Walkys on, which are super comfortable to spend hours walking over all kinds of terrains, not to mention they’re really cool, aren’t they? So you can even go hiking in style. My son wears his Fundy boots, ideal for kids always on the go, plus the reinforced toecap is fantastic for kids like mine who think any stone on the path is a football to be kicked… Plus, the Velcro is really comfortable for even the smallest kids to put on their boots and take them off themselves.

planes la aire libre

Botas Fundy El Naturalista

Halfway along the path and before turning back, it’s time to replace that energy and set up a picnic. Kids really love taking a sandwich out to munch on in the middle of nature… you know that very same sandwich they’d turn their noses up at, yet after the walk, new emotions and fun, they’ll happily eat it. It’s also good time to teach them to pick things up and not throw anything away, likewise the importance of taking care of our mountains, forests and environment, and keeping them clean. So after eating, we all pick everything up and leave things just as we found them, and I’m sure we won’t be lacking in helpers for the task!

With a bit of luck along the walk, we’ll come an animal or bird or two, you know, the ones we see in books and whose names we learn. It’s really educational seeing them in their natural habitat, and kids love watching animals eat! Or we might be lucky enough to come across a river or stream; see fishes and play at who can throw a stone the farthest into the water.

Botas Walky El Naturalista

Botas Walky 2 - El Naturalista

You can bet your bottom dollar forests will offer us loads of fun and possibilities. A great way to spend a day of adventure with the family, how about you come and join us?

Equipo el Naturalista Team