Over the last month, José Maria de la Peña and Juan de la Peña, from El Naturalista Spain, undertook a round trip through Japan in order to participate in various events in Osaka, Tokyo and Shizuoka. The Japanese attitude to life which stands out for being detailed, organised, planned and professional, spoke for itself in all activities and was convincing.

New opening in Osaka

The new store in Osaka is located in the renowned ‘Hankyu’, one of the huge shopping malls in the heart of Osaka. During the inauguration several customers had the opportunity to get to know the El Naturalista brand better.


Farmer´s Market Tokyo

Once again El Naturalista was represented on the largest Japanese market which is held opposite the United Nations University in Tokyo. This interesting market is the venue for the sale of organic products. This time El Naturalista had the best place in the centre of the market. Journalists were left with no doubts in situ and reported on El Naturalista in the Japanese press.

Farmers Market

The Natural Shoe Store in Shizuoka

For the third time, The Natural Shoe Store, El Naturalista Japan, organised a joint Event with a French neighbouring restaurant where both delicious French specialities for the palate and El Naturalista shoes were sold. This unusual combination has already ensured positive feedback in the past.

Japanese Team