Shoelaces are something thought to kids at a tender age by parents. However, as one age, he becomes creative and seeks to blend with the prevailing trend and environment in which he occupies.


How is a shoe laced?

Are there other ways to lace shoes from the apparently thought crisscross in and out now tying or the copied style one is meant to believe? Yes, there are! Apparently, I will be discussed briefly on the fundamental styles of shoelacing and how it transforms one into a fashionista. Fortunately, I must first explain why a shoe needs to be laced, different shoelace colors, and the types of shoelace before making known the different styles or design for shoelacing.

Why lace a shoe?  Is it important? This question eludes one’s thinking while preparing for an event. I believe that it is a necessity for a shoe to be laced because it helps keep the shoes glued to the leg, gives fitting and makes one look matured as well as portray sanity.


How to Lace a Shoe

Like the saying goes “different strokes for different folks.” Shoes are laced in different proportion. Notwithstanding, the first thing to consider before lacing that shoe, is the color. Does it appeal to the mere eye? Will it match the dress to be worn? This needs to be considered before lacing an outing shoe. However, examples of these magnificent colors are; dual color, single plain colors, flag colors shoelaces and the rest of them. On that note, it is imperative to know that shoelaces become unique when the selected colors match one’s dress.


Secondly, the type of shoe one puts on, determines the kind of shoelacing to apply. There are different types of shoelaces. Namely:

  1. Round Shoelace
  2. Dress Thin Shoelace
  3. Oval Shoelace
  4. Flat Shoelace
  5. Flat Extra Shoelace
  6. Flat Super Wide Shoelace
  7. No Tie Shoelace


Thirdly, the use of a special unique design from different patterns or styles of shoelacing there is. Below are some attractive attention catching shoelacing pattern (with images for easier understanding).

  1. Over and Under Shoelacing Design
  2. Angle Bar Shoelacing Design
  3. Triple X Shoelacing Design
  4. Zipper Shoelacing Design
  5. Cross Lock Shoelacing Design
  6. Swag Shoelacing Design
  7. Checkerboard Shoelacing Design
  8. Spider Web Shoelacing Design
  9. Loop Shoelacing Design
  10. Bar Shoelacing Design
  11. Diamond Shoelacing Design
  12. Stitch Shoelacing Design
  13. Straight Tongue Shoelacing Design
  14. No Shoelacing Design
  15. 50/50 Shoelacing Design
  16. Five Shoelacing Design
  17. Braided Bar Shoelacing Design


Break every single limitation by Walking to the park, reaching out to family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues this summer with all eyes focused on the trending shoelacing designs exhibited on a daily basis. Be creative this summer. Remember!  Variety is the spice of life. Explore wide beyond the horizon.


Now, tell me the truth, amongst the listed shoelacing styles mentioned above, which one is enticing and more appealing?  As for me, I am drawn towards 5, 17 and 14. I will try it out this weekend. I wonder what my neighbor’s kids will say within this shoelacing design while I go for my weekend dog walking routine.


Shoelacing is like seasonings. The type of seasoning added to a meal, that determines the taste of the dish. Influence the environment with creativity and explore all possibilities. It is the little wonder people see in El Naturalista and identify the family. That is why “caring for the people and environment” remains the watchword that drives our vision and goal. It is who we are. How about you? Patronize El Naturalista today, where nature inspires shoes!

Once again, seeking for a supreme eloquent shoelace style that keeps everyone looking?

Equipo el Naturalista Team