A natural pool can be simply defined a body of water that, without any artificial aid, is pure and free from harmful bacteria. What this means is that the water, without any manmade chemicals is pure and the water is purified by natural plants and biological filters. No chemicals are employed in purifying and sterilizing natural pools. Natural pools are also referred to as natural swimming pools as the systems with which they are being filtered and purified have biological equivalents in the natural world. Pools that make use of UV, copper/silver ion disinfectants and ozone techniques are not being purified in a natural way and this disqualifies them from being referred to as natural pools or natural swimming pools.

Natural swimming pools are a great option for house owners who are very much concerned about eco efficiency. As natural pools are built without chemicals, it is a great opportunity to swim in a natural water body while at the same time contributing to the eco balance of the environment. Most house owners build natural pools with sustainability as the major factor. The pools have natural flora and fauna living in an ecosystem, filtering and purifying the water. Furthermore, there is a very limited carbon footprint and is very energy efficient.

There is no need for chemical treatment for natural pools. Apart from skimming dirt and debris from the surface, cleaning the natural pool with pool cleaner etc. natural pools can be more expensive as artificial pools as they are naturally bigger but the long term maintenance costs is far more cheaper since the removal of chemical treatment can make a difference in the amount of dollars that are spent every swimming season.

There are several natural pools in the world, now whe show you the best natural pools.


Grotta Della Poesía- Roca Vedia, Italy

Natural pool
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The Cracks of Ecuador

natural pool
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Parc National de Isalo, Madagascar

Parc Natural Isalo
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Kakadu, Parc Natural Australia

natural pool
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Cristal Pool, Australia



natural pool
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Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

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To Sua ocean trench island, Samoa

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