Do you like beer? If affirmative, you’re in luck because today I’m going to tell you where you can find the best beer gardens in Barcelona, one of Spain’s cities, which receives the most tourists daily and has a vast beer garden culture.

Just thinking about the sea, the varied leisure offer of this great city, its culture, gardens, architecture and monuments, not to mention the Mediterranean cuisine to be washed down with a few good craft beers are enough to make your mouth water. Can you think of a better plan?

Of course we know that Dublin, Munich, Amsterdam, Prague and Vienna are the quintessential countries where beer culture is on the up and you can find the best beers in the world. But let’s leave those for one of our trips outside Spain. Today, we’re going to concentrate on the Catalan capital to seek out a few cold jars of the best beer.

Corn, barley, double malt beers, with raspberry, strawberry or honey flavor, national or imported; a vast range of possibilities for beer lovers! And if you don’t know where to start here, we’re leaving you with our suggestions as to the best beer gardens in Barcelona.

BrewDog Beer Garden

A compulsory stop taking into account the history behind it, i.e. that it’s the largest craft Scottish beer brand throughout Europe; and Barcelona was lucky enough to the have first official beer garden opened in Spain.

The premises have a casual pleasant atmosphere with a bar of up to 20 beers on tap, so you can choose from among their classics. An ideal sport to visit with friends and enjoy snack or dinner washed down with one of the best craft beers renowned worldwide.

cervezas brewdog
Carrer de Casanova, 69, 08011 Barcelona


Carrer de Casanova, 69, 08011 Barcelona

BierCaB Beer Garden

If you have a sensitive palate, the BierCaB Beer Garden in Barcelona won’t leave you indifferent. Moreover, it has over 30 different beers on tap aged and matured in barrels, where you can choose from among numerous international beers and accompany it with one of their mouthwatering dishes that stand out for their flavor and quality. Here the food offer ranges from highly elaborate modern dishes like Wagyu tartare to the most classical and traditional such as small open sandwiches, sandwiches, hamburgers, tapas or Iberian cold meats.

But that’s not all, there’s also the BierCaB shop, next door to the beer garden, which has over 500 kinds of chilled craft beers you can buy and take home.

Carrer de Muntaner, 55, Barcelona
Carrer de Muntaner, 55, Barcelona

La Cerveteca Beer Garden

Another of our essentials if you want to enjoy the best craft beer in Barcelona is La Cerveteca. Paradise all in one for true beer lovers and enthusiasts. Not only does it have imported, craft and zero-alcohol beer but it also organizes workshops, beer garden routes, training courses and events. So more than just another bar specialized in beer it’s a cultural space devoted to this world incorporating everything you need to dive head first into the world of beer. The place is decorated with beer barrels serving as tables and a connoisseur’s assortment of beers in both the shop and the bar.

La Cerveteca, cervecería artesana en Barcelona. Carrer d’en Gignàs, 25

La Cervecera Artesana

Barcelona’s bohemian quarter, in the Gràcia area, we find craft beer premises characterized by beers with different flavors including honey, mint or mushroom, likewise from all around the world. They also make their own beer, besides importing. The premises are small and cozy. If you’re a novice in this world, don’t worry because their menu makes pairing suggestion, so you can find out which beer goes best with the dish you’ve chosen.

cervecería artesna
Sant Agustí, 14,Barcelona
cerveceria barcelona
Sant Agustí, 14,Barcelona

Ale&Hop Beer Garden

If you’re looking for something totally different and I mean trying different beers every week and combining them vegan or vegetarian tapas, then we recommend Ale&Hop Beer Garden in Barcelona’s Born area. The menu has a very select vegetarian cuisine, with all the ingredients brought straight from the ecological vegetable garden; and apart from having a list of beers, its singularity lies in you can try different kinds of beer every week from the 10 taps on the bar. But that’s not all, from 2013 to 2015 the premises received the best craft beer restaurant award in Spain.

We suggest you don’t just stick to one but that you have a beer in each, that way you can get to know them and choose the one you like best out of all our recommendations here.

ale and hope cervezas
Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 10
Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 10, 08003 Barcelona

Enjoy this beer experience and if you know any others like these then we’d to love to hear from you about them.

Equipo el Naturalista Team