Title of the story

First El Naturalista



How long have you known the brand?

Since 2007

What is your favorite model?

Nokue N155

What do you like most about El Naturalista?

Two things: the comfort and the design.

Tell us your story with the brand

I bought my first pair back in 2007 and I still wear them. They are old and worn-down, but still so comfortable and pretty! My green beauties. They are one of my favourite shoes because they never made my feet hurt or blister. One summer I spent a whole day walking in them while visiting Maribor. I was very surprised how comfortable they were and that is the reason I am a fan of the brand – the comfort. But the brand first caught my eye in Graz where I had noticed the Organico collection, especially the model N072. I guess the colours are the other reason I love the brand. I am just in love with the colourful designs El Naturalista make. Last summer I noticed the Zumaia collection and that will be my next buy. Shoes are expensive, but they are of very good quality, comfortable and special in design – that is why I like El Naturalista shoes.