We all know that feeling when a trip is around the corner and you have to pack your suitcase and your only big doubt plays on a loop: What shall I pack?

 Even though it might seem relatively easy, in fact packing a case is no mean feat particularly when you’re going on that trip you’ve been dreaming about for months. Well, we’ve got experience in this and would like to help out, so we’re leaving you a list of the 10 things we think you should remember to pack.

1.Toilet bag

A toilet bag is always one of the major items in our luggage, mind you its preparation can also turn into a headache, and of course sometimes, it isn’t always easy to make it use up even less than our suitcase!

 The first thing we should consider is the place we’re traveling to, that way we decide what to include or no. The just in cases have no place here either, especially when traveling some place where all we have to do is cross the street to buy anything we need or have forgotten.

It’s great bringing a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, etc., with us but we shouldn’t obsess about whether our destination will have these items. So the best thing is to take it easy and just to take our most personal products or those most difficult to find at our destination.

The best way to organize yourself is to put your toilet bag in the bathroom in the morning and just add the things you’ve used that day. Whatever you didn’t use is unnecessary and you won’t need it on your trip.

2.First Aid Kit

 Whilst it might seem unnecessary, a good first aid kit can be our best ally on a trip. As with our toilet bag, we don’t need to pack as if we were going to war, but we should give it a few minutes thought and pack some meds which might help if we needed them.

Essential: A generic antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, gauze/bandage for first dressings, sun protection and mosquito repellant would be some of the things we should take with us; not to mention your regular meds should you be taking any their corresponding scripts.

Something else which might be a godsend should we have a medical problem but which we don’t normally take is to have our entire medical history in the cloud so it can be consulted when necessary by any doctor, and if it’s in English so much the better.


 It may sometimes seem obvious the need to carry our documentation on many occasions, such as on a trip; but for that very same reason we often forget what that might mean.

We always recommend making a scanned copy of all necessary travel documents such as: Passports, driving license, health card, medical insurance details, etc. You can upload these documents to the cloud and leave them offline so you can consult them at any time.

With the other documents like flight tickets, hotel and rental car reservations, etc., we think it’s a good idea to do the same. That way you don’t need to go around with loads of paper while having everything on hand when you need it.


Clothing is another important point plus one of the hardest when organizing a suitcase. As we’ve already mentioned regarding your toilet bag, in this case, it’s also worth forgetting about the ‘just in cases’ and pack only what we need. The best thing is to consider the kind of trip we’re going to take and use that as a base to decide which clothes to pack. After all, a trekking holiday is not a week in the Caribbean or preparing a getaway break to know a city.

Once we know the kind of trip we’re going on and how long for, then we should concentrate on what we really need and pack that. Plus, something very useful particularly if you like to co-ordinate your clothes, then pack basic garments suitable for several occasions. For example, a black purse, a pair of jeans or a white blouse are always good options as basic luggage.


 And the same goes for footwear as clothing, although you should pay special attention, since as the saying goes: you can’t have a worse trip if you wear the wrong shoes.

 So, apart from considering the kind of trip you’re going to make, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes, appropriate for the situations we’ll encounter along the way, and above all, ones we’ve already broken in. You should never wear brand new shoes when traveling!

And if apart from these recommendations you go for footwear like El Naturalista’s (link: https://www.elnaturalista.com/en/); sustainable, made in our own factories which ensure workers’ rights and are environment friendly, made from natural and recycled materials, besides assigning a percentage of each sale to social projects, then you can rest assured your feet are in the best possible hands.


 Yeah! We know it must sound very materialistic, but who doesn’t travel with an electronic device today?

From a cell phone to an E-book not to mention a hairdryer, there are many gadgets we now use daily, so when going on a journey it’s worth stopping a minute and thinking which of those are really necessary or useful for our holidays.

It goes without saying a cell phone or camera will go with us, but do we really need to pack a hairdryer? Particularly if we bear in mind many hotels have them in the bathrooms or can be requested at reception; and if they don’t have one, would it really be that bad to enjoy a city while letting your hair dry naturally? What do you think?


And as a complement to all that technology, let’s not forget the chargers we need for each. Mind you, if you don’t want to struggle with all that weight we suggest you get a charger with several USB ports, ideal for charging several cell phones.

Plus, let’s not forget what kind of plugs are used at your destination just in case you need to take an adapter with you.


 There’s nothing better than a good book, some music or a film when you have to spend hours on a plane or any other means of transport.

Prepare a good selection a few days before your journey so the hours traveling will go quicker. It’s a good time to listen to music from a country or read a book set in the destination as soon as you’re on your way there…

9.Beware of luggage restrictions

 We know it’s not exactly a thing as such, but it’s worth checking the luggage restrictions of the airline you’ll be travelling with to avoid unpleasant surprises.

It’s said a farsighted traveler is worth two”, and we have no doubts.

10.Looking forward to having a good time and enjoying your trip to the utmost

And last but no less important and essential when preparing your luggage and mustn’t forget to pack, i.e. your desire to have a great time, and above all enjoy your trip to the maximum.

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