1. Where is the brand from?

From La Rioja (Spain).

2. Where are the shoes made?

In Spain

3. Where is the leather from?

Leather come from Spain and Italy.

4. Are the leathers chrome free?

No, leathers contain a very low percentage of chrome 3, acording to EU legislation.

5. is the dyeing vegetal?

After testing vegetal dyes and discovering the high proportion of water needed for making them, we are currently using semiveg dying.

6. Are the shoes reciclable?

It does not exist a 100% reciclable shoe, but El Naturalista uses 100% recycleble soles, insoles, inlinings and carton boxes.

7. What are the insoles made of and where?

El Naturalista have a wide range of insoles of its own, according to the technical characteristics of the shoe: microfiber with carbón active or natural leather (calfskin or pig hyde).

8. Are natural leather insoles better tan synthetical ones?

Not necessarily; every type has different characteristics making them suitable for different tasks. For example El Naturalista microfiber insoles are more absorbent, have thermoregulation advantages and are antibacterial.

9. Are the insoles removable?

Yes, they are.

10. Is it possible to wash the insoles?

Anatomic insoles, stonetheraphy insoles and model 1 from removable insoles can be washed by hand. Model 2 (removable insoles) can be washed in washing machine. Model 3, made of natural leather, cannot be washed.

11. Are chemical agressive chemical used in the shoe production process?

No, they are not. All adhesives used by the brand are water based.

12. Are the leathers water proof?

No, leathers are water resistant, not water proof. Only Sympatex styles are water proof.

13. Are the shoes wáter proof?

DIt depends on the style and/or line. Sympatex styles construction makes the shoes water proof. Other are not, even if leather is water resistant.

14. How should I transmit a complain?
  • 1. Verify the complain.
  • 2. Call to Life Concept commercial office, where we will take notice of the complain.
  • 3. Life Concept office will give you a retour number.
  • 4. Send the pair to Life Concept, according to instructions given by the commercial office.
  • 5. Quality department will accept or reject the complain; proceeding to devolution, reparation, change or credit the pair.
15. If repairs is needed, how long does it takes?

10 days maximum from the day the damaged shoes arrived to factory.