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Sneakers are one of the most important categories offered by El Naturalista, a brand that is dedicated to sustainability, comfort, and quality. They are inspired by nature and have a strong commitment to the environment, which is reflected in the materials they use and the production processes they follow.

In this category, you can find a variety of families of sneakers, each with its own unique features and inspirations. Some of the families include:
·      GEO: Meaning "Earth," the GEO family is conscious of the care we want to give to our planet. Over 60% of the components are recycled, making them sustainable, comfortable, and prepared for urban life. The sole reminds us of the texture of sand, the sand in parks, and the scent of vegetation that always renews in the city. Their new, softer formulation allows them to recycle some of their components for greater comfort and flexibility.

·      WALKY: Fashion and sustainability all in one! We love the sporty style and propose athletic-looking shoes perfect for modern, trend-setting looks. A shoe to walk in and not go unnoticed!

·      SEA PROJECT: This is a project that unites a deep respect for the sea, which is the inspiration and driving force behind our line of footwear. After searching for different waste and its application in different materials, we have composed a shoe with unique characteristics.

·      GORBEA: A line of unisex boots and sneakers characterized by their recycled rubber sole that provides lightness and flexibility. Casual style with a wide variety of colors and styles. They cannot be missed on your adventures.

·      PAWIKAN: Comfort and anatomical design are two of the pillars of El Naturalista. Natural inspirations that remind us of the beauty of nature and the ingenuity in everything that grows in it. Shoes inspired by nature for people committed to the environment. Pioneers in sustainability since 1998. El Naturalista, walking for life.

·      EL VIAJERO: As its name indicates, this line is designed for people who prioritize comfort for long journeys, as its anatomical design perfectly adapts, providing great comfort. One of the best-selling lines of El Naturalista, designed for both men and women.