Product, Planet and People Committed to Sustainable Development

El Naturalista aims to foster virtues, social responsibility and our respect for the environment. We believe that everyone can be an agent for social transformation.

We select high-quality raw materials and promote the use of manufacturing processes that blend the meticulous artisan-level attention to detail with innovation.

  • Sustainability
  • Comfort and Quality
  • Eco-Friendly Design

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We respect the environment. We research to innovate and create high-quality, sustainable products.

  • Environmental Policy
  • Eco-Friendly Innovation
  • Improved Energy Efficiency

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We support professional organizations and initiatives that share El Naturalista’s fundamental values and vision.

  • Socially-Minded Projects
  • Global Compact
  • Sustainable Development

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  • Product
  • Planet
  • People


Sustainability is the value that guides our brand. We seek out the most environmentally-conscious, recycled, biodegradable, and natural materials possible while reducing the use of toxic substances and increasing how much of our energy is sourced from natural resources.

Comfort and Quality

Manufacturing 100% of our products means we get to select the highest-quality materials and be meticulous about each detail of our process to guarantee that the shoes we make are comfortable and last you a long time.

Eco-Friendly Design

We innovate to create products that take advantage of how efficient natural, recycled, and sustainable resources can be and how distinctive our eco-friendly design truly is.

Environmental Policy

El Naturalista is committed to protecting the environment by properly managing its footprint; we keep getting better at reducing negative impacts on our planet every single day. As responsible stewards of our environment, we are constantly researching, innovating and creating ways to make our products sustainable and be able to boast high quality standards. Our Quality and Environmental Policy reaffirms our commitment to seeking out the materials and techniques that are best for nature.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

We reduce the amount of leftover materials we create through continuous new developments and projects that recycle and reuse them to the benefit of our maximum comfort and durability guarantee. Our latest developments have enabled us to recycle the cardboard that winds up at our company and to reuse cork, excess microporous materials, and fishing nets recovered from the ocean. All of this recycling takes place on-site at each company facility.

Improved Energy Efficiency

We continuously study, improve, and implement new measures to use energy more efficiently. New increasingly environmentally-conscious production techniques bypass toxic products and components and reduce our water and energy consumption. We have installed low-energy and automated lighting fixtures, we use LED lightbulbs, and we support domestic energy providers.

We believe in people and solidarity projects

Nature-inspired shoes for committed people. El Naturalista shares benefits for solidarity projects. El Naturalista contributes to child development and education in the third world (Haiti, Peru, Tanzania, Ethiopia ...).

“Global Compact” United Nations Global Compact

With more than 13,000 signatory entities in more than 170 countries, “Global Compact” is the largest voluntary initiative for corporate social responsibility in the world. Its aim is to transform the global market, promoting a sustainable and responsible private sector based on 10 principles in areas related to human rights, labor, the environment and corruption.

Sustainable development goals 2025 (SDG)

El Naturalista has a code of conduct and ethics that affects all of our manufacturing and marketing processes. The sustainable development objectives in the 2025 master plan are reflected in the SDG "responsible production and consumption" that affects the pillars of the brand, "Product, Planet and People", where all people are the main agents in social transformation .

  • Ethiopia, construction of an orphanage


    Together with the NGO Ambessa, we are building an orphanage for abandoned children in Holeta. Ethiopia, Meet Casa Alkelba, the new home and educational center for more than 110 children.

Shoes inspired by nature for committed people
We allocate 2.14% of our annual profits to solidarity projects. A number that defines us, and where you can propose and be part of it. From this link you can vote for your solidarity project