Trying a better way

«We have been created to follow a path. We have a mission. We come from the trunk of a tree, from a sleeping man´s dream, from experienced hands that have made us as we are, from awareness and commitment. Our power comes from the truth. We have been in good hands and we have learnt that things can be done right or wrong, but it is important to always try to do them better. There are always paths to be chosen, and sometimes the right track is not the most direct one, but the best for you and for everybody.

Now we need somebody who wants to walk down this path with us… somebody who helps us keep going. Someone who is willing to catch our spirit and join forces with us. Are you that person?. We will be your feet, and our steps will always be firm and steady.Strong enough to try to make the world around us a better place and to help others to try it too. There might be obstacles, but you can be sure that each step we take will bring rewards around you. Our trip is about to start. It is a long journey but the good thing about shoes and people is that together we can get very far… Trying a better way.