We have a type of leather for every moment and for every person. But there is something they all have in common: they are high quality, natural leathers, and they are worked traditionally for a large part of the manufacturing process. We work the leather manually. This is the secret of the unique finish of our products which has led to El Naturalista being recognized at world level.

Our leathers come from recognized European producers and tanneries always observing the European regulations, and although we run periodic audits to our suppliers, it is very hard to know the all the leather´s origin but we are sure that the cattle do not come from the illegal deforested Amazon land.

Meanwhile, we continue to be committed to innovation and research presenting bamboo in outer fabrics along with our vegan line in this AW 16 collection and new chrome-less leather for the upcoming AW16 season.


Soft Grain
Soft Grain

Soft Grain Leather

Cowhide leather of irregular grain and water repellent. This leather gets to be very soft and comfortable thanks to a long process of pumping.


Pleasant Leather

Cowhide leather very soft comfortable, water repellent, and flexible. It adapts easily to every foot. It has a natural looking, thanks to its pumping finishing, that offers an irregular grain and a rustic and handcraft looking.

Lux Suede
Lux Suede

Lux Suede Leather

High quality suede with a water repellent treatment (2h). the special short hair suede is made with an extra fine sanding that leaves dust in suspension and it might produce color migrations due to the non application of products to eliminate its naturalness. This finish highlights the vividness of colors thanks to superfine hair that keeps the writing effect depending on the way of the suede´s surface.


Capretto Leather

Hight quality leather characterize by being waterproof and free chrome. Flexible and comfortable, the fine grain texture provides a new style.

Resin Suede

Resin Suede

2.4 / 2.6 thick hydrofuged leather, to use unlined with special tanning to avoid stretching. The back of the leather is resinated in order to improve its contact with the skin and avoid color transparency.


Lana Zelanda
Lana Zelanda

Zelanda Wool

This is a natural material as it is 100% merino wool. The structure of the fibre keeps the body heat thanks to its nature.



Flannel is a natural cloth with a soft touch, slightly combed. Composition is 48% cotton, 36% wood and 16% polyester.

on tex
on tex

On Text

Our waterproof membrane for rainy days. Providing the best possible climate comfort. Waterproof membrane covers up to mid height.




Rustic and natural look due to its textile composition. An imperative in the winter collection due to its thermal and aesthetic properties.

Pelo largo

Fur Lining

A textile material that provides a more casual and relaxed aspect due to its long fur, but without renouncing its fabulous thermal and breathability qualities. Its touch is soft and fluffy.



It is a technical lining with a great capacity of absorbing humidity, giving total breath ability for the skin and providing a fresh and dry feel thanks to its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-odour treatment.

Forro Bambu

Bamboo Lining

Bamboo offers breathability, absorption and natural antibacterial properties. It is flexible, fresh, hypoallergenic and in its manufacturing requires less water than other conventional fibers, therefore becomes an excellent material in an ecosustainable production model. Materials present in this Lining product are 100% Natural, favoring its characteristics and properties

Forro de ternera

Calf leather

It is recognizable by its colors of green or brown shades. It is a strong leather, and for this reason is mostly used in men’s models.

Forro de Cerdocerdo

Pig Leather

Usually comes in a neutral color due to the minimal use of pigments and dyes. It is smooth, satin-like, and flexible. Usually found in women’s models.


Steam Microfiber

A technical fiber of the highest quality characterized by its ultra soft touch, its breathability, and its thermal capacity. This fiber is woven using the most modern technology. Its manufacturing process produces zero (0) grams of CO2 emissions making this lining a highly ecological product.



Chrome Free Lining

Chrome-free steam fits easier to the foot without losing its shape, making it feel much more comfortable. It is also a sustainable, environmentally friendly leather.