Our products

El Naturalista mainly offers shoes at the on-line shop, although you will soon be able to acquire new products such as insoles or moisturising shoe creams.

All the information you need about the products can be found in the appropriate factsheet. Shoes are organised in "lines", and the model, line to which it belongs, colours and sizes available, manufacturing features and materials, photographs from various angles, close-ups, price and availability in stock can be displayed.


Find what you need

When you enter our shop we offer you all our products. If you select "The Collection", shoes and products of the season collection will be displayed. If you are looking for a specific model, size or colour, please use the search field in the top right corner of the screen.

In addition, to help you find what you are looking for there is a search field on the right hand side that enables you to find the shoe you want by selecting the model, line, colour or size.


Add a product to "My basket"

If you like one of our products you can add it to "My basket". The product sheet on the right indicates the on-line purchase price (which includes all taxes and levies but not the delivery cost), if it can be added to the basket, the option to add it to a product comparison list or to your "wanted" list.

Likewise, you will have the option to select the size to check if the chosen shoe is available in that size. If so, the shoe will be sent to your shopping basket until you decide whether or not to buy it so that you can keep on navigating and add more articles by using the same button.

After clicking "add to bag" you will select the size you want and click "ok". If the shoe is available it will be added to your shopping bag. This information will be kept in your shopping bag until you decide to complete the purchase.

It is not necessary to identify yourself as a client to open the session to select articles. We store your shopping bag while you navigate within the site as long as you do not close or change your browser.


Change the content of your shopping basket

You have the option to change the content of your basket during the purchase process. You can add or remove articles, change the quantity requested or continue to navigate within the site to see more products. These options are accessed by clicking on the "begin purchase" button.

  1. How to add a new product to the basket

    If you have accessed your shopping basket and want to add another article, click on the "continue navigating and buy later" link, which will take you back to the on-line shop. Select the desired article and click on "add to basket" to put it in the shopping basket.

  2. How to remove articles from the basket

    At the far right of the article line there is a waste-basket icon which allows you to remove the product involved from your basket. Once this is done the basket, and therefore the amount due, is automatically updated.

  3. How to change the quantity of an article

    You can change the quantity by entering a different figure in the quantity field. Click on the "update my basket" button to update the amount due.


Making your purchase

Purchasing is done in 4 steps:

  1. My basket

    This enables you to check the products in the basket, change the quantity or remove articles, and finally confirm your choice by clicking on "continue with purchase".

  2. User identification

    This is required in order to make the purchase.

    If you are already a registered user through My Account or as a subscriber to the newsletter you only have to enter your login data (e-mail and password). In the event that you have omitted required data on registering, we will request you to provide it at this point. If you are not registered we will request the registration data (required fields are marked with an asterisk). Once registered, you will be able to receive all our communications at your e-mail address and also make purchases. You will have to identify yourself as a client each time you access the on-line shop to make a purchase.

  3. Data confirmation

    The third step in the purchase process is to confirm your personal data, billing and delivery data, products in your shopping basket and payment method, which must be selected at this point. Once you have checked that all this information is correct, click on the "Confirm" tab. All the data of the purchase you are about to make will be displayed again so that you can validate it by clicking on the "Pay" button.

  4. Payment

    This procedure is carried out on a secure platform. At this point you must enter your credit card details.

    El Naturalista will not store your credit card details. When you enter them on our website they are sent directly to the bank which handles our transactions (BBVA). In this way your security and confidentiality is completely guaranteed.

    And if you have a PayPal or Google Products account you can manage payment from either service on the platform.