Recycled Rubber outsoles

With all the properties of rubber, recycled rubber is obtained from either leftover or reutilised material. /p>

Suelas recicladas del mar

Recycled Seashell outsoles

Outsoles made out of rubber and mollusc seashells. We use the seashells as a solutions for the tons of organic waste originating from the canning industry in the Spanish North West (Galicia)

Red de pesca reciclada

Recycled Mesh

Soles that include recycled fishing nets as an alternative to the disposal of tons originated in the ports of Spain.

Vela Reciclada

Recycled boat sails

We reuse the boat sails giving them a second life as shoes. This project is the result of our Brand collaboration with Dvelas.

Textil de Algas

Seaweed Textile

Seacell is an natural fabric made from seaweed. The plant is mixed with cellulose in a enviromentally-friendly process to obtain a fine, pure, natural and biodegradable fiber. This textile is 83% cotton and 17% seacell.