How to use your discount coupon

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How to use your discount coupon Happy Birthday

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How can you use the code you find in the shoebox?

  • 1. Get a pair of “El Naturalista” shoes!
  • 2. In the shoebox you will find a card with a personal code
  • 3. Choose which project you would like to support with 2.14% of the profit
  • 4. Go to the DONATE tab and enter your code, name, country, e-mail and your chosen project (Haiti, Peru).

How can I care for my shoes?

The first step is to remove dust and dirt residue using a soft brush or a suede cloth, it is important to remove dirt easily preventing leather damage.

If further care is needed, you can use a damp cloth or wet wipes with neutral soap. Once you make sure that the leather is clean, proceed to moisturize it with Ecocream. Rub in circles small amounts of Ecocream to cover the entire shoe, do it with the included sponge or a cloth. Let the product dry. Ecocream is meant for occasional use, do not apply it on a daily basis.

The use of Ecocream might vary the leather´s texture and color making it slighty darker.

Where can I find insoles of El Naturalista?

In our online shop you find insoles. Click this link.

Who can repair my shoes?

El Naturalista does not offers shoe repair services. For this you can go to a specialised repair shop in your city.