Our shoes are an expression of fashion and creativity reflected in wood, cork, natural cotton and jute; materials coming from controlled crops and that we mould with innovative systems and processes.





We use recycled PU and surplus cork chips that give the shoe a high level of comfort.




Vachetta / Vegan


high quality fabric, characterized by imitating the vachetta leather due to the good finish of the material that compose it., mostly PU, Polyester and cotton.






The high quality cotton with an all-natural treatment is the canvas on which the creative team of El Naturalista expresses its unique and exclusive designs.




Bamboo lining


This 100% bamboo lining offers breathability, absorption and natural antibacterial properties. In its manufacturing requires less water than other conventional fibers, therefore becomes an excellent material in an eco sustainable production model.



Bamboo Insoles


Bamboo is a hypoallergenic material and a natural antimicrobial that give these insoles breathability and absorption properties for achieving greater comfort.




Lux leather


High quality suede with a water-resistant treatment (2h). The special short hair suede is made with an extra fine sanding that leaves dust in suspension and it might produce discolor due to its natural finish.



Ultra comfort insole


This removable insole, composed by 80% of natural rubber has a honeycomb design that offers greater comfort and flexibility for walking.



100% handmade jute


This material is worked with a rigorous traditional process. We manufacture these soles with a high quality waterproofing system, they do not become deformed and are breathable.







Rubber gives our soles flexibility and durability. Thus we achieve soles that are comfortable, resistant and biodegradable in 500 years.